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  • Now Released: A Witches Life: The Bloodline Curse
    I know, it has been a while since I posted an update on the website and with this post I am really excited. I am proud to announce I have finished and published the first installment of the ‘A Witches Life’ Series. I find this to be a great marker for my progress as an author. The beauty that I can share the experience of each book I write is something extraordinary to me. So, with this all being said, I am ecstatic to show you where the book is available. I would appreciate all that have interest consider purchasing… Read more: Now Released: A Witches Life: The Bloodline Curse
  • Cam Roze Joins Gumroad
    That’s right guys, I’m slowly expanding and scaling what I do professionally. So, this is a great opportunity for me and the audience who is on gumroad primarily, having its own discounts, offers, promotions and upsells. I am honestly excited to see what this platform has to offer me. So now, when ya’ll start seeing Cam Roze on Gumroad, you’ll know why. It’s because I started uploading digital versions people can buy of my published works. I find I am going to enjoy gumroad. You can even join my own gumroad affiliate program now!
  • Cam Roze Now On Novelo
    That’s right. I have added Novelo onto my platform list for writing. I also have some books I will be announcing in upcoming posts which will be tied to Novelo links, if not to the regular Universal Book Link, provided via Draft2Digital and Books2Read, along with my typical amazon links. I find this to be my best approach for publishing. Anywho, now I am on Novelo there is a way to see my in progress magnum opus, along with my first novel and other in progress works which will become paid stories and published officially upon completion. What I Have… Read more: Cam Roze Now On Novelo
  • Game Streaming On YouTube
    I have been up to a lot of different things lately as I find my skills displayed in different ways. I write, but I also enjoy gaming and even enjoy a good cup of tea. So, I have now two YouTube Channels, one of which will be centered around my writing, The second was going to be generic, but now we are focusing primarily on gaming. Cam Roze On YouTube With the idea of gaming being my primary focus of the second channel, I may even take some of the older material from the channel that is music relevant and… Read more: Game Streaming On YouTube
  • Skip The Dishes: Why I will Never Trust ANY online food delivery Service
    I have to speak out. Not only am I personally frustrated and I am not ever going to use any online food delivery service. Skip The Dishes, with all their advertising I would have figured would be a lot more reliable. Food delivery is a very important service. When we order anything online it should show to our address when we have a service like that. Food usually arrives to your door when you get delivery, but with this being said, I get to announce experiencing the opposite. Skip The Dishes, is now setting the tone for personal food deliveries.… Read more: Skip The Dishes: Why I will Never Trust ANY online food delivery Service
  • Releasing New Non-Fiction
    I am happy and excited to say, I am about to release my sixth book since starting my career a little over a year ago. Today, I am placing a publicly accessible announcement that this new release is available for pre-order immediately. The release coming out, will be on november 15th. It is “Internet Marketing For Beginners”. The book is going to walk you through a few resources and methods of how it works. Some of this book to be released has some extra resources linked in it so you all can start marketing from the time you start rading… Read more: Releasing New Non-Fiction
  • Having Extra Blogs
    Blogs are a great residual income so long as you know how to do it. With myself, I now run three blogs. I try to be informative, no matter what the blog is about. We as writers, content creators and influencers alike, all have to consider what we present to our audiences. If you think about it, your brand or business is like a delivery system, but you need to be reliable for what you present. Not always is SEO helpful for people, as sometimes it actually winds up presenting you more so with people asking your same questions. We… Read more: Having Extra Blogs
  • New Affiliates!
    As per usual, I am more than excited to see that this website has generated so much curiousity! Thank you all for sharing and visiting. Today, I am posting an announcement because it is just too exciting to hold back announcing these new affiliates of Cam Roze Novels. Silver Gold Bull I am more than excited to share affiliation with such a well known company. In Canada, many investors will go to Silver Gold Bull to buy their silver and gold, collectible coins and even Canadian Mint goods. The banner below shall show you their wonderous selections. Nord VPN We… Read more: New Affiliates!
  • New Partnerships For Cam Roze Content
    As you already know, writing isn’t something that many people see as a thing to earn money with unless you have a reputation to go with it. Partnerships are one way to do this. So, there will be videos I make on YouTube that will be mentioning they are brought to you in part by “Company”, and that is so you know if you go with my advertisement it shows extra support for the content I create. I just released a couple of videos that will be fun for you to view, which yet have not been assigned a partner… Read more: New Partnerships For Cam Roze Content
  • Online Stores Worth While?
    HS 18421 18422 18423 1/18 RC Car 2.4G Alloy Brushless Off Road High Speed 52km/h RC Vehicle Models Full Proportional Con We all know since the pandemic, we have been mostly at home. People order online more and more and this seems to be related. Many still find online shops to be the best place to get their goods safely. I can deffinitely see why when we have so many great places to shop, like Banggood! Click around to explore their website! Banggood Home Page Bakeey A1 TWS bluetooth V5.1 Earphones HiFi 3D Stereo Touch Control Music Sports Headphone with… Read more: Online Stores Worth While?
  • Is Canada Becoming A Laughing Stock Globally?
    For the first time in a long time, I am writing articles on my website. I never thought I would do this while it seems medium has yet to decide what to inform me of. However, to bring you today’s topic, Canadian Blunders, I want to talk about a new article I stumbled into this morning. Trudeau’s Reputation to Be Made A Mockery Of Since Justin Trudeau was first elected in 2015, his mantra of “Canada is back” looks pretty pathetic now. It’s time for Jagmeet Singh to pull back his support of this inept federal government before any more… Read more: Is Canada Becoming A Laughing Stock Globally?
  • What Is Kinguin?
    Kinguin, some may not know of, so I know this is something to write about. So, it should be some how explained for those who are not aware. Kinguin is a digital keys retailer for games. So, kinguin sells codes to get games for your Xbox or P.C. like, if you look below, you can see they’re selling a Rainbow Six Seige Welcome Pack for Xbox One. Kinguin Games Kinguin Games provides a type of service that a gamer can appreciate. For many, its as easy as going to their site, choosing their available key and then buying it. However,… Read more: What Is Kinguin?
  • Authors Assistance: My Educational YouTube Playlist
    Today I am excited to show you all my creative writing “Authors Assistance” YouTube playlist. Each video is designed to help Authors who are just starting their journeys and want guidance on their way to becoming published authors. I aim to please you with my educational videos. Character Building: Video From Authors Assistance “Authors Assistance” was something I was going to originally charge a fee for in a class online. However, seeing as many writers that come to me asking for advice on their books, I felt this needed to be freely accessible. Fair warning, I am not a video… Read more: Authors Assistance: My Educational YouTube Playlist
  • Cam Roze’s Patreon Is Up!
    Earn with Prime Student Bounty That’s Right, I’m On Patreon! I know, I have been putting this off since well before “The Draconus Wars” became published. I feel like this Patreon account will do me a lot of good. I already see Royal Road bringing people here, and to be honest that is exciting to me. What’s In This Patreon? In my Patreon page I am including many different forms of exclusive content. I want to say that this will help me provide more depth to my books and a deeper relationship with my fans. This will also help show… Read more: Cam Roze’s Patreon Is Up!
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    Do you think it would be an idea for me to create an epub or file for my patrons to help them with their traffic and earning methods?
  • Cam Roze Novels Now Has A Patreon!
    So, I have decided to add a patreon opportunity for those of you who are avid fans of mine. The Roze family now will be able to #Rozerian and find others who are patrons. The Patreon page will also have exlusive announcements that would not otherwise be seen. The Patreon Page has a few tiers to ofer, the highest having the most alue with its loyalty program under way of being made. I would like to say this will also have lore posts exclusive to members of specific tiers, One on one chatting, and more. I also will be running… Read more: Cam Roze Novels Now Has A Patreon!
  • Web Presence Expanding
    So I figure it is high time I update some of the websites you can relay to, in order to see my publicly in progress works. The first place is wattpad. You can search me up by my username CamRoze. The same goes for Royal Road, another platform I started working on being active with recently. I also have linked my patreon across various places of which will offer its own exclusive bits and pieces of information. I also am now present on webnovel and on stary writing platforms, which includes dreame. So, that being said, I will be happy… Read more: Web Presence Expanding
  • Coming Soon To The Fantasy Genre
    I am really excited for this announcement guys. There is a lot I am working on in the Fantasy Genre Specifically and that is why I am writing this massive update! Most Of My Content Written Is Not Intended For Younger Audiences. Coming Titles Of The Fantasy Genre From Cam A. Roze (The Stuff to Expect!) I have been working on this project as the first installment of a the trilogy “A Witches Life”. Now, your here likely wondering what a Witches Life is about… well let’s start with the upcoming release of “The Bloodline Curse”! A Witches Life: The… Read more: Coming Soon To The Fantasy Genre
  • Why I Have Been Writing about human rights and working rights
    The idea of what I have been writing about on Medium primarily, is to help provoke more questions that most wouldn’t think to ask. However, I while have been doing these articles and posts, the point is to show people the things that just may have been forgotten. We have a lot of rights and freedoms that you would not normally learn about in school, at least not in my experience. Why Worry About Rights? See, the reason I worry about people and their rights is simply because the progress we made as a race is actually amazing. We only… Read more: Why I Have Been Writing about human rights and working rights
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  • Are You Advertising to the maximal potential?
    Advertising is a very essential thing when you are a blog, website or a business. If you don’t, you can always have a Done For You System. However, I have a few reccomendations for those who aren’t eager to spend those precious pocket coins. We all know money is getting tighter since 2019. However, we can always accommodate our needs. If not for super cheap, free. Because why not? Check Out My Reccomended Free Sites
  • 5 Essential World Building Tips
    Establishing a Solid Magic System Put your ad here for free! – Magic is often a key component in crafting a fantasy world. As a writer, it’s important to create a magic system that feels cohesive and. Are there limits to what magic can do? Who can wield magic, and how is it learned? It’s important to establish these rules and stick to them consistently throughout the narrative. By doing so, you’ll ensure that your characters and their abilities don’t feel arbitrary or overpowered. Developing Complex Societies No fantasy world is complete without its own unique societies and cultures.… Read more: 5 Essential World Building Tips
  • Cam Roze Novels Is Now On Pinterest!
  • Website Launch
    I have had websites that were very generic and not showing up in searches at all. So now I have my actual website up, I am super excited to see this development just occurring now in May 2023. For now though, I will talk about some interesting content that I have written and come across to help provide some entertainment as the website expands into the deepest possible evolution I can provide. This exciting new venture for me is going to prove all of the knowledge I have acquired in recent years. With this website of mine being able to… Read more: Website Launch

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