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Coming Soon To The Fantasy Genre

I am really excited for this announcement guys. There is a lot I am working on in the Fantasy Genre Specifically and that is why I am writing this massive update!

Most Of My Content Written Is Not Intended For Younger Audiences.

Coming Titles Of The Fantasy Genre From Cam A. Roze (The Stuff to Expect!)

I have been working on this project as the first installment of a the trilogy “A Witches Life”. Now, your here likely wondering what a Witches Life is about… well let’s start with the upcoming release of “The Bloodline Curse”!

A Witches Life: The Boodline Curse

Young Annie, just turning 16, realizes she is in fact a witch. When she joins her long lost sister to learn more, her life becomes much more complicated. There are groups of humans out there who hunt Witches like her and her family, which is why they hid her away for so long. With new found perspectives Annie must find her way to overcome the challenges as she finds a way to break the curse that was placed on her family during ‘The War Of The Pink Moon’. Can she reverse the curse placed so long ago?

A Witches Life And It’s Idea

The concept of a Witches Life is that usually we see Witches be feared grossly in the worlds of fantasy and horror. This time I wish to bring a whole new perspective for Witches as they have become the prey for humans. In this creatively darkened view for fantasy worlds, The series is aiming to bring a whole different vibe to the witches worlds as a whole.

What Is Your Inspiration?

I have actually been a happily practicing witch for a while. I grew up also adoring J.K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ Series. The series was very in depth for the most part, however I find there are ways that the magic in the world was a little too much for my taste. I started this project in order to try to reduce the pop culture side of witchcraft and bring it down to a more life like feeling magic.

In the real world, witchcraft hardly ever uses a wooden wand. This is one thing that pop culture has blown way out of proportion. That and we actually will have more than one wand depending on what we practice and how we practice. So, that being said I wanted my world for this series to have a truth within it that would be making this series feel proper, at least to me.

I started writing this as a self enjoyment series, which seemingly caught on when I was doing my beta readers and releasing processes for this novel.

Want to get your hands on it as soon as possible?

Coming Of The Reaper

Coming Of The Reaper is a standalone dark fantasy novel that as been in progress since october of 2022. This standalone novel will be introducing a young man named Steve who discovers one day, he is to take his place in the family business, as a grim reaper. Meeting Sylvie and becoming a part of Death’s Army of grim reapers. The two of them, Steve and Sylvie becoming the Silver Squad, come quickly to realize that his father became the very thing he went to slay for Death himself.

Coming Of The Reaper And It’s Idea

The concept of this book was actually heavily inspired by the seven hermetic principles and how they were pretty relevant to magic in this world. So, I derived the principles and figured out a way to emit my creativity into the concept of resonating with another.

What Inspired Coming Of The Reaper

Coming Of The Reaper was a fantasy concept I enjoyed when watching things like Soul Eater and Black Butler. This obviously is disclosing I am a bit of an anime buff. Especially in Fantasy settings.

Alteria: Elvish Persuit

Alteria, a mystical land of many races, subraces and cultures come together. The center of the fantasy world, Alteria, is in it’s deepest moments of threat. A master minded Dark Elf is doing things in the nearby woods of Boulders Gates. A fire Genasi, Eladorn has amassed a rag tag group to meet in the tavern owned by Silicia, another known fire genasi to the area.

Fun Fact: Alteria’s Fantasy Universe Is Inspired By Dungeons And Dragons.

The Idea Behind Alteria

Ahh, Alteria is an old friend of mine from about five years ago when I was getting heavily into dungeons and dragons. Of course, when it comes to pen and paper games (TTRPGS) i find myself always looking for an entirely original way to adapt the systems of the game. Anywho, i felt that the dungeons and dragons world felt a bit light hearted when i played, and so here comes Alteria.

What Inspired Alteria: Elvish Persuit

What inspired Alteia is my fascination with the flexibility of a dnd character. I actually would say, its one way i have made some of my most interesting characters for my own entertainment.

Alteria is to reproduce the old life legend of the tree of life in a fun Dark Fantasy adventure that leaves our ragtag group of heroes with no choice but to stop the rumored Dark Elf Alderai., pub-8219904862627687, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0