Skip The Dishes: Why I will Never Trust ANY online food delivery Service

I have to speak out. Not only am I personally frustrated and I am not ever going to use any online food delivery service. Skip The Dishes, with all their advertising I would have figured would be a lot more reliable. Food delivery is a very important service.

When we order anything online it should show to our address when we have a service like that. Food usually arrives to your door when you get delivery, but with this being said, I get to announce experiencing the opposite.

Skip The Dishes, is now setting the tone for personal food deliveries. I didn’t get my order, am absolutely unable of contacting them by any of their contact services. So, I won’t be returning to ANY food delivery service like them. I will go back to the days of calling around my local services. I will no longer even order food that will be in support or partner with Skip The Dishes. So, there we have it. Now it’s in the air. If I don’t receive my food when I order, there was no point in placing it. My food didn’t arrive, i am not able to be refunded, as they aren’t able to be contacted. I am done with these fake delivery services. Skip The Dishes, Uber Eats and the other places to order from, will NEVER be receiving my calls or downloads again. I even am removing my once existent partnership with them from my Instagram account because of this outrage.




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