Crystal Besserer

Crystal Besserer is an avid Canadian Creative that has caught attention by their audience with their craft. From mind bending tales to page turning horrific tales, she has got talents that blast the audiences with a captivation of their design.

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Crystal Besserer is an acrylic and oil paint artist who makes quality paintings of scenery and other displays. As she advances in her career in the art and media industries, she carves a path to leaving her artwork marks in the world.

Crystal is passionate about the work she produces for the public and handles everything with great care. From a small town this artist is looking to make some waves. She is also a published author. 

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What To Know About Crystal Besserer

Crystal Besserer has released a couple of Dark fiction works and even provides non-fiction in the works of her recipe books. With that being said, this is not the only craft Crystal has an amazing talent for.

On The Run By Crystal Besserer (First Release Of Fiction)
Whisper Sisters: We All Fall Down By Crystal Besserer

From Dark Tales To Beautiful Art

In Search Of Carol

Crystal has a deep story to her aswell that is something we are together in trying to solve: Where is Carol? Click the button below for a direct visit to her page for finding her mother, Carol.

Where I Join The Search?

Cam Roze- Where Is Carol?

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