Cam Roze’s Patreon Is Up!

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That’s Right, I’m On Patreon!

I know, I have been putting this off since well before “The Draconus Wars” became published. I feel like this Patreon account will do me a lot of good. I already see Royal Road bringing people here, and to be honest that is exciting to me.

What’s In This Patreon?

In my Patreon page I am including many different forms of exclusive content. I want to say that this will help me provide more depth to my books and a deeper relationship with my fans. This will also help show me what content my fans enjoyed. I think a Patreon was a smart move.

Bonus Content?

The bonus content that we will be seeing with the patreon account is more uestions, announcements about the books to come, some levels will offer extensive knowledge about my magnum opus “An Abrupt Incitement”. I also run polls to see which genre the audience would like to see me write next.

The Patreon is for you to find in the buttons below.

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