Having Extra Blogs

Blogs are a great residual income so long as you know how to do it. With myself, I now run three blogs. I try to be informative, no matter what the blog is about. We as writers, content creators and influencers alike, all have to consider what we present to our audiences.

If you think about it, your brand or business is like a delivery system, but you need to be reliable for what you present. Not always is SEO helpful for people, as sometimes it actually winds up presenting you more so with people asking your same questions. We don’t want to be another useless result even if we rank.

It causes people to go elsewhere when your information is unreliable. So, Without more to say, I am going to give you my two blogger blogs that I have been writing as of late. At the end of this post.

These blogs are meant to help others find some helpful starting points with business and online earning. Feel free to check them out below.





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