Website Launch

I have had websites that were very generic and not showing up in searches at all. So now I have my actual website up, I am super excited to see this development just occurring now in May 2023.

For now though, I will talk about some interesting content that I have written and come across to help provide some entertainment as the website expands into the deepest possible evolution I can provide. This exciting new venture for me is going to prove all of the knowledge I have acquired in recent years. With this website of mine being able to host it’s own content that I can help show support with else where is brilliant in my mind.

I only hope that in the evolution of my skills I can provide many endeavors and abilities for others, while honing on the craft of my writing capability.

My Excitement With This Websites Launch

I am really excited for this website launch. I haven’t even been on his thing live for under twelve hours having over 500 hits. I know my methods of traffic and advertising are at least as effective as I suspected and in many cases more effective. I know I discuss marketing and writing as a combination of topics a lot throughout my time being a writer, but that is probably because I work on these topics on a regular basis. Now with a website I can implement all of my strategies at once.

Cool Places To Find Me

With all of the content and social media I am on, I figure it will take a little time to get everything situated on this website. I appreciate your patience while I work on adding more content into the website for your reading and your own discretionary use.

Vocal +

Hey, I bet you didn’t know I posted on vocal as well. I haven’t fixated on what topics I will regularly discuss on this platform, but I know it will help reach a new audience with the posts I put up there.


I am on Medium because of the fact it actually supports the authors of the platform by providing you an advertisement free service for 5$ USD A month currently. This is the platform I write most of the articles you will be seeing my references going to as I have over 100 articles and posts on Medium alone. See My Medium Profile Here.


Inkspired is one of my favourite platforms for writers and readers alike, not being like medium, it sets a very important counter part into the writers possibilities. Inkspired allows you to blog, post poetry and micro-fiction along with many other cool resources.


I have a fair bit available on Amazon. To see my search results, click here.

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Until Next Time…

Thank you for reading my post. I look forward to seeing your comments below. have a fantastic day everyone.



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