An Abrupt Incitement Series

This page will be expanding rapidly. More information is being updated as it is available. This is the page for the series that Cam Roze considers to be their Magnum Opus of their fiction works.

This Series Is A Work In Progress.
The series ‘An Abrupt Incitement’ is a massive series that will have Twenty-Five titles.

An Abrupt Incitement is a dark fantasy series with a multitude of backgrounds being referred to throughout the series. A note to have about this series is each story is it’s own, while still tieing into the over arching story of the entire timeline.

The Draconus Wars

The Draconus Wars centers around the creations of a new species by the ruler of Helios, Seth. Kisira, Seth’s daughter is known to have a bit of a nose to find out what’s going on with her father.

Humanity Rises

Humanity rises is the sequel to ‘The Draconus Wars’. Taking place around one hundred and fifty years after the events of the first book have taken place.

Humanity Rises is still a work in progress and should therefore be patiently awaited. The patience you provide with Cam Roze is always appreciated by them.

Titles To Come…

  • Egyptian Heat
  • Sazukan’s Story
  • Rise Of The Ice Mage
  • And Many More!

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