Cam Roze Now On Novelo

That’s right. I have added Novelo onto my platform list for writing. I also have some books I will be announcing in upcoming posts which will be tied to Novelo links, if not to the regular Universal Book Link, provided via Draft2Digital and Books2Read, along with my typical amazon links. I find this to be my best approach for publishing. Anywho, now I am on Novelo there is a way to see my in progress magnum opus, along with my first novel and other in progress works which will become paid stories and published officially upon completion.

What I Have On Novelo

The Draconus Ward is listed now on Novelo and using coupon code Rozerian, will save you a nice little penny if you wish to support the release. On that note, there are other books I have available for you to take a look at on the platform, feel free to explore below.

On Novelo, you can find content from stories about adventurous cats, to science fiction stories, romance and even horror. This platform is rapidly expanding with how well the writers are being treated for their earnings through their sales. Believe it or not, we keep more money from Novelo, than most other publishing options, even if this would be only for on the platform, it has a very distinct way of being a rewarding experience for both, authors and readers.



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