Why I Have Been Writing about human rights and working rights

The idea of what I have been writing about on Medium primarily, is to help provoke more questions that most wouldn’t think to ask. However, I while have been doing these articles and posts, the point is to show people the things that just may have been forgotten. We have a lot of rights and freedoms that you would not normally learn about in school, at least not in my experience.

Why Worry About Rights?

See, the reason I worry about people and their rights is simply because the progress we made as a race is actually amazing. We only need to embrace the idea that the rights we have need to not only be upheld but be worked out so we can all have the proper respect that is due, but with that comes education and discussion. Most people that I know of are worried about their entitlement, rather than their rights.

What Are Your Rights As A Worker?

The working world often times is not familiar with the workers rights that are in place. There are three major rights you should know and understand thoroughly. You have the right to know, which includes training on all equipment and chemicals that will be used in the workspace. You have the right to report unsafe work. you also have the right to refuse unsafe work. If you haven’t had training provided you can ask to receive training, until then you reserve the right to refuse the use of equipment you are unfamiliar with.

In the work place you should feel relatively safe. Accidents can happen. However, you should be sure to know the rights of your work spaces.

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Women’s Rights

In history we have seen women have to literally claw every ounce of respect and common right they needed to have in society. I couldn’t imagine living in my country today without women reserving the right to vote. Some of these things are really needed for something i consider to be truly ‘Equity Rights’ rather than ‘equal rights’ as, i personally hate to admit this, but no one is truly equal to one another. Situations of life dictate no one would ever be equal. So, before I keep going on about human rights all together, i think you may want to understand why i think men and women need equity rights, rather than equal rights.

What Are Equal Rights?

Equal Rights by the understanding of the public is that everyone be treated equally regardless of their situation. However, if we had equal rights, this would be more of what the scenario would look like:

A man and a woman can grow up in different homes and same financial situation will still grow up with different understandings of their rights. However, The same goes for sticking two men in identical scenarios and women as well. With this being said, the situations can be identical, however, we can’t control some variables like the parenting and their beliefs and interpretations of their rights. Automatically with those, inequality is already breeding in the home before the child leaves for college.

So Then Why Reccomend Equity Rights?

Equity rights, in this case, would be the right to have all humans have the same opportunities. AHA, that’s what the women’s rights movements always wanted. Not that they expect men to start pushing babies out their anuses. That’s unnatural. Women should be asking for equity rights in my mind simply because then it would be situation based, but individual based. For example, if i know computer programming, i should get the same chances at employment with it as my friend who had just graduated with it, perhaps only a year or two later.

We all should have the chances to prove our skills and knowlege. This is what Equity rights would be, taking the base idea of their person, exclude their situation and everything but their skills and what they bring to the table, this would help everyone have a chance at a good education and a good job, it also would in turn give everyone an equal chance for their disability giving them and income.

Anti-Discrimination Rights

Now, many people are always talking about various topics that they think is a reason for someone to either dislike them or be rude to them over. This category gets huge and fast. The main branches in this category of rights include sexuality, identity, your race or even your religion, for very common examples.

So, what is the main reason for discrimination in these topics? Well, in all reality, people just dont want to understand the foreign. It goes for each race and country, so this really seems to be a part of a humans nature. We are always afraid of the unknown and so we ostracize it.

That being said, in history, sometimes the main attraction point for discrimination would be derived from one of the classic seven deadly sins, greed. People used to view people of other areas as lesser or even in some cases more rare, and so they would pursue these other for slaves. this was just one way of explaining a bad racial situation due to discrimination.

We all bleed the same kind of blood. The things that make us different is where we come from, what we do, how we act and so much more. We shouldn’t be facing limitations of any kind regardless if you are asian, white or black. Everyone should have a chance at peacefully living. However, where the pendulum came from is sure to swing the exact opposite at some point.

In The End–When Will It Change?

When are we going to stop letting our differences define the successes of eachother? When will we stop trying to force opinions down eachothers throats. Most of the time the truth is, we dont really know the whole story in any situation. we should try to remember that when we approach our fellow people.

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