New Affiliates!

As per usual, I am more than excited to see that this website has generated so much curiousity! Thank you all for sharing and visiting. Today, I am posting an announcement because it is just too exciting to hold back announcing these new affiliates of Cam Roze Novels.

Silver Gold Bull

I am more than excited to share affiliation with such a well known company. In Canada, many investors will go to Silver Gold Bull to buy their silver and gold, collectible coins and even Canadian Mint goods. The banner below shall show you their wonderous selections.

Silver and Gold at your doorstep! SilverGoldBull

Nord VPN

We all know and love this secure VPN service where privacy is their main priority. The service is almost absolutely recommended by most in this modern time, where viewers want to see what other countries host for movies and shows even. You can try their one month, one year or two year plan, check it out through my buttons below.


1-800-FLOWERS is a great business that helps people connect with others on holidays with special gifts that you can get done over the phone, or online.

Order Flowers Online



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